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 KARMA POLICE - A Tribute to Radiohead

Karma Police is a group of musicians rising to the challenge of bringing you Radiohead's finest music live.

 With plenty of experience under their belts from former projects, these musicians all aim to bring the audience the ultimate Radiohead experience with songs like Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Just, The Bends, Exit Music (for a film) and, of course Creep... to name but a few!

 With the release of ‘Creep’, Radiohead achieved notoriety and acclaim and this has been sustained with an ever increasing fan base. Karma Police, Radiohead's leading Dutch tribute band lets you relive all the highlights from Radiohead's vast catalogue.

 As a project, Karma Police formed in 2005 and has since then grown into a solid band with enough material to play in large settings. The number of fans that appreciate Karma Police's authentic sound during their gigs is ever growing.

 Karma Police's ambition is to play a wide selection from all of Radiohead's albums, from the grungy rock of Pablo Honey to the more experimental electronics of Kid A. From the classics of OK Computer to the challenging new material of their latest album, The King of Limbs.




28 september - kwartfinale European Battle of the Coverbands15-09-2014
juni 2014 European Battle of the Coverbands02-05-2014
13 juli, aftrap Zomerfeesten in Weerlicht12-07-2013
20 april, Plug&Play, Millingen aan de Rijn16-04-2013
23 februari, Tribute in Nijmegen Oost14-01-2013